Run everything within a single platform

Track your deadlines

Assign tasks to your coworkers and make sure no one misses a deadline

Keep all of your clients
info in one place

Create your client database and keep track of their finances

Notifications when changes are made.

Receive notifications and alerts when a client or team member makes changes to the reports

Add new team members

Start collaborating and sharing documents by creating accounts for all of your team members

Document changes are logged.

Edits  are logged so you can always retrieve your data.

Offer a better client experience

Get the client Summary reports

Get weekly, monthly and annual summary reports without having chase clients for missing information.

Get quick updates about Payroll changes

Keep the  records of client/shop employees and receive notifications of changes via the internal messaging system. XB does NOT calculate Payroll, just makes sure you get the changes on time.

Proper VAT return calculations

Submit correct figures in your next VAT Return

Generate automated Nominal reports

Keep track of your nominal accounts and their associated transactions

Receive Profit and Loss statements

Get the most important summary reports for the revenues, supplier purchases, costs and expenses incurred during a specified period

Check your client’s Balance

Get a snapshot of your client’s financial status at a particular point in time

Income and Expenditure easily tracked.

Easily track the total income and expenditure for a specific period.